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DSH-PR8 Evo2 GT3 Replica Wheel

DSH-PR8 Evo2 GT3 Replica Wheel


For all fans of real motorsports we have this replica steering wheel. It impresses with high-quality materials and a high level of detail.

The front panel, the cover and also the shifters are made of anodized aluminum. The handles are professionally covered with suede (Made in Italy).

We have also installed the original buttons from the real vehicle. The encoder caps are also the same as on the original.

The sticker on the front panel as well as the stickers on the buttons correspond to the original and thus also glow under UV light.

The steering wheel is connected to the PC with the included USB spiral cable.

All in all, you will receive from us a high-quality and functional replica steering wheel, which is almost indistinguishable from the original.


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DSH-PR8 Evo2 GT3

⁃ Specially developed electronics inside

⁃ Only high quality parts installed

⁃ PC software with bite point setting and 3 different clutch modes (dual, single or buttons).

⁃ Visually hardly distinguishable from the original

⁃ Completely CNC machined from aluminum and plastic.

⁃ Original buttons from the real vehicle

⁃ Encoder with powerful feedback and push function

⁃ Status LED visible from above for Bite Point setting

⁃ USB spiral cable

⁃ Compatible with any Base

⁃ Quick QR mounting

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